What we do

Adaptive Brane is a boutique SAP consulting company with a strong emphasis on SAP integration carefully blended together with several other niche areas of expertise. We help clients define and build connections between enterprise systems to unlock value. Strategically located in Toronto, California and Johannesburg, our team comprises of consulting 'silverbacks' - professionals who have spent 20 years on average designing and implementing enterprise solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.


We help SAP organizations, as well those just beginning to embrace SAP, find the best answers and solutions that work for their business requirements. Some clients are happy to transform into “SAP shops” and leverage as much as possible from SAP products, whilst others are more selective about which parts of SAP they would like to leverage for their business. Our team of specialists will work with you to tailor the best outcome for your business.


Ariba integration with SAP can be a very daunting and challenging task indeed. Our team of experts have ventured deep into this realm of supply chain integration and have numerous Ariba projects under their belts. Our capabilities in this space not only allow us to navigate successful implementations but also allow us to preempt the unique challenges that our clients' mix of industry and processes may present.


In many ways, this is a new area for us but luckily years of experience working with SAP CRM has transferred very well to our team and has allowed us to springboard into this domain. We have developed a keen sense of solutioning data models and integration patterns between SAP and Salesforce and are excited to work with your business to showcase our talents.

Integrate with Everything

On-premise to Cloud? We got you there…embedded to Cloud and back? You covered there too. Integration is at the heart of everything we do. Bringing systems and data together to realize processes forms the majority of the solutions we provide. Further to this, through our network of collaboration partners, we can leverage best-in-class domain and process expertise while iteratively delivering value to customers in short, fast breaking waves of innovation.

Cloud Telemetry

Whatever your driver for cloud adoption or expansion is, it is important to have the tools and the know how to measure the value you add by adopting cloud offerings in the Saas, Paas or Iaas quadrants.

We specifically focus on two elements of your cloud strategy – helping you envision your target architecture and helping you measure value through the transition. And then of course we deliver!

IoT / Blockchain

We’re excited about distributed computing and how IoT and Blockchain are poised for mass adoption in the coming years. Let our Blockchain developer certified team guide you on your next proof-of-concept or Blockchain inspired project!

SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud native applications present a new solution paradigm. SAP Cloud Platform offers a wide range of services to enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation process. Services ranging from Integration, Portal, Apps and API management at the core of our skills and services that we can provide.

Augmented Intelligence

To us, Artificial Intelligence (ML, DL) represents a capability - and the process of making it yours is the business we are in. The journey involves selecting the most accessible, high value process strains within your business that can benefit from the adoption of AI paradigms. The use cases could then layer value propositions of insight generation, process enrichment and optimization or automation depending on where the value lies. With those parameters established, our gradient descent into finding and unlocking value truly begins.

Delivery Methodology

Does your company have sticky notes all over the place? Do you have teams of agile developers and scrum masters working frantically to get a sprint done? If this sounds familiar our adaptive team of specialists will fit right in and hit the ground running!

Who we are


Lynton Grice

Co-founder, Technology Enablement
Toronto, Canada

Lynton is extremely passionate about what he does and has enjoyed the last 16 years developing and integrating systems within the SAP ecosystem. A true techie at heart, Lynton is not scared of getting his hands dirty in a huge array of languages, tools and frameworks in order to deliver quality solutions to customers. Along his journey Lynton has made some incredible friendships and connections in the industry and is now trying to leverage these quality relationships to help build a brand that people and companies want to associate themselves with.

Αѕh Տаnthаnаm

Co-founder, Business Advisory
Toronto, Canada

Ash has been architecting and delivering innovative solutions for the last 17 years across numerous industries and modules within SAP. People in the industry all agree that Ash somehow has this unique ability to facilitate and communicate often extremely difficult processes and integrations in a very easy to understand manner. Ash has been involved in all levels of IT and his intelligence, strategy and entrepreneurial mindset are now starting to burst at the seams as he enters an exciting new realm of his career.


Jacques Otto

Director (South Africa) / SAP Technical Architect
Johannesburg, South Africa

Jacques is an extremely talented individual who has an incredible ability to produce high quality SAP solutions in record breaking time. Coming from an rock solid base of ABAP, Workflow and SAP PI / PO, Jacques is now also fluent in all the "new dimension" SAP Cloud Platform / HANA technologies and paradigms and can easily go toe to toe with the best in the business. An extremely reliable and trustworthy resource, Jacques is one person you want on your project!

Paul Aschmann

Enterprise Value Architecture
North Carolina, United States

Paul has been designing, developing and implementing innovative IT solutions for over 16 years and his experience has assisted companies in driving revenue, managing operations and developing engaging business solutions. His work experience covers multiple industries including Software, IT, distribution, retail, healthcare and manufacturing. Paul has also built a reputation in the enterprise space by being an active speaker on various development and implementation topics at a range of conferences and is very active within the SAP Community Network.


Ben Osasona

Senior SAP Cloud Developer / Ariba Technical Architect
Toronto, Canada

With over 10 years of enterprise SAP development experience, Ben has been able to quickly showcase his skillset and quality development to clients spanning several countries and industry sectors. A true professional at heart, Ben has high attention to detail and the ability to troubleshoot and develop within the most complex of business process scenarios. Despite often playing a "development team lead" role, Ben is never scared to get knee deep in the code to help speed up development cycles for clients. Ben is a core member of of our SAP Cloud Development team currently focussing on Ariba related projects

Sophie Enjolras

SAP Solution Innovation
Johannesburg, South Africa

With over 20 years of system implementation experience Sophie leads by example and delivers unparalleled quality on every project. Her high attention to detail across numerous SAP modules in multiple industries make her unique in delivering / supporting and troubleshooting the most complex of business processes and solutions. With an outgoing, friendly personality Sophie is a true team player who can stay focussed and get the job done

Value Proposition

Whether it is AI or Cloud or other unexplored technology paradigms, clients are faced with the daunting challenge of traversing these unknown shores without a vision to deliver value. Furthermore, without the navigational aid of experienced resources or a know how of tools, these paradigms remain forever buzzwords in the hallowed boardrooms of CIOs and CEOs as they grapple to react to these ‘disruptors’.

Adaptive Brane’s framework for adoption consists of incremental value delivery starting with delivering low-cost yet scalable models to define and deliver low hanging fruit use cases for these technologies as the first salvo in the journey of technology adoption.

We believe that no one knows your business better than you do and we also believe that few in the industry understand value centric delivery of these technologies better than we do. Our value proposition to you therefore is simple. Let’s get together because we need to talk. Together we can transform these technology ‘disruptors’ into ‘enablers’ of unlocking unprecedented value for your business.

Adaptive Pay

Adaptive [Pay] is a Robotic Process Automation company (RPAaas) that aims to provide innovative, compliant and value rich services within an AR / AP and payment solution space. Built on a cloud native, serverless technology stack, this best of breed payment solution has carefully stitched together a unique blend of cloud, artificial intelligence and data analysis services that uniformly translate often tedious processes into a truly forward thinking, adaptive and intelligent solution.

Built from the ground up by true experts in the integration space, this solution offering showcases true digital business innovation by allowing companies to liberate themselves from traditional ERP business processes into a new, secure cloud computing paradigm. Ultimately, Adaptive [Pay] will encapsulate your payment processing requirements into an easy to understand and simple process that will ignite value for all stakeholders involved.

PCI-Compliant & Secure

Stop worrying about security today. With AdaptivePay, there is no need to deal with credit card information. We accept payments on your behalf and deposits them securely to your bank account.

Artificial Intelligence

With our AI-ntuitive dashboards, our single pane view into invoices and payments brings together not just the represents but also the future.

Easy to Configure

Serverless workflows on Adaptive Pay provide infinite scale, but did you know they are also easy to configure so that your solution can continue to reflect your real business

Real Time Monitoring

Based on GraphQL, the platform provides real time monitoring of all events through the ecosystem.

Serverless Backbone

We love servers but our solution runs without one. This allows us to scale inifinitely to whatever your business demands.

24/7 Support

Your business doesn't sleep and our support of it does not waver either. With 3 teams engaged around the world, we cover all time zones

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